It was initially thought that nn image of King Charles III would replace Queen Elizabeth II on Australia’s $5 banknotes following the death of Her Majesty – However, this may no longer be the case.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has today confirmed that options are still open for the next face of Australia’s pink note.

The reigning monarch has traditionally appeared on the lowest denomination of Australian banknotes. However, as rumblings of a new Australian republic referendum begin to stir – there have been calls for a new face for the 5 dollar.

“We will plan for an update to the $5 banknote design in due course. This portrait is not promised to the new King” an RBA spokesperson said in a statement to The Betoota Advocate earlier today.

“We have recieved many designs from the community, and some stand out more than most.”

“In fact, let me just say. Most stand out more than the Queen, bless her soul”

However, recent developments suggest this debate was closed and settled several hours ago – after it was suggested by punters that the Queen’s face be replaced by the real King.

The King Of Spin.

“Yeah. This is it.” says Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

“The debate is over”

The Opposition’s Shadow Treasurer, Angus Taylor MP also agrees.

“Yeah this is a bipartisan agreeance” he said.

“There will be no further debate”

Other frontrunners included Roy Symonds, Archie Roach, Bert Newton and Olivia Newton-John.


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