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A report compiled by the ACCC has suggested any media personality who says the sentence, “2020 has been a year like no other,” should be shot by a firing squad.

The news comes as the nation is forced to endure yet another morning of breakfast television people saying that sentence or mearly making the suggestion of something along those lines.

It’s estimated that at any point around the country, someone on television or radio say that cliche remark every 45 seconds.

The ACCC recommend that an execution squad be on standby in each capital.

Most in the industry have welcomed the recommendations. Bookmakers have even opened up markets on which media personality will be the first to be dragged kicking and screaming from their seat.

However, as this newspaper condones gambling on anything that’s not a horse your mate has given you a tip on, we cannot further divulge where to find these markets.

But if this masthead had to choose, our money would be on Greg Dawson at 6BT 1449AM here in Betoota. If not for saying these words, Greg should be shot for his crimes against fashion.

More to come.


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