In a piece of feel-good news the whole family can enjoy, dad is happy to report that his chillis have been loving this rain.

After the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed she ain’t dry, the spring rains have been a welcome relief to horticulturists of all experience levels, including Betoota Heights dad Frank Lombardo (55).

The sort of old fella who’s always tinkering around the back garden, Lombardo has recently diversified his crop by adding some chilli plants to his herb garden after he was given one as a work birthday gift.

Three months later and Lombardo’s chillies are still going strong, especially with all this rain we’ve been having that he is happy to report are doing wonders for his spicey little guys.

“Chillis have been loving this rain!” stated Lombardo in a family group chat, accompanied by a video of the suitably rained on chilli plants.

“Make sure you guys take some home with you next time you’re up.”

According to the mini chilli baron himself, Lombardo states he does not know what he will do with his impending glut of chillies but takes great pride in discussing his options.

“Maybe a chilli jam or a chilli relish, might even be a sweet chilli sauce! I also read you can pickle them and get this, you can even make chilli oil!”

“How good does that sound?”


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