A scientific paper has been released today revealing an interesting statistic on the contents of handbags across the nation.

The paper has confirmed that 95% of women currently in the country are carrying a single-use plastic water bottle inside their bag.

This trend is seemingly at odds with the new insulated eco-friendly steel water bottles that have been so popular in recent times.

The paper’s Chief Scientist Marissa Hayne explained that the remaining 5% of the nation’s female residents who don’t have one in their handbag, have one in their car.

“The findings are really interesting actually. A lot of people in the study weren’t environmental vandals who consume single used plastic on a regular basis,” Hayne said.

“A high number actually had environmentally friendly bottles, but for some reason had a single use bottle in their bag as well.”

“We noticed a high rate of respondents who couldn’t actually confirm when they bought the bottle or how long they have been in possession of said bottle.”

One of the 95% Ashley Simpson, who resides in Betoota Heights, couldn’t explain to us what exactly she does with the single-use bottle.

“It’s just handy to have. I don’t really even drink that much water to be honest with you. I couldn’t tell you when I actually last had a sip,” she laughed.

“But I’d feel a bit lost without it.”


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