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A Betoota Heights butcher loudly thumped the top of his counter today, telling our reporter that he voted for the Nationals this time around because ‘he’s having a fucking go’.

Now, local butcher Alan Rodgers says he’s waiting to get the ‘go’ that Scott Morrison has been talking about during the election campaign.

However, he told The Advocate that he’s not quite sure what that ‘go’ is – all he knows is that he’s having a go, so he’ll get a go.

“I’m just a small businessman having a go,” he said.

“So I voted for ScoMo so I get a go. Dunno what that means but I sure as shit know what having a go means. It’s kind of confusing so I try not to think about it but I’ll tell you something for free, I’d be getting no goes got having a go if Bill got in, I’ll tell you what,”

“So yeah, I guess I’ll just be waiting patiently for the go to arrive here at the shop and I guess we’ll go from there.”

The Advocate, like many other news media organisations around the country, have failed to assertain what type of ‘go’ Scott Morrison was promising Australians during the election.

Reaching out to The Office of the Prime Minister this afternoon for clarification, a definition of the ‘go’ was shared by ScoMo’s team but it offered no decisive description of said ‘go’.

The statement explained that small businesses are going to be better off if they have a go.

“If you have a go, you’ll get a go. The go is that you’ll be better off, but you’ll only get it if you have a go. But it sounds like you’re having a go, so get ready to have the go delivered to you. We trust that concludes this matter.”

More to come.


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