After years trying to get the message out, the asylum seeker children on Nauru are glad someone is finally listening.

Although it has taken self-harm, hunger strikes and attempted suicide to get it across, the kids of the Pacific island detention centre are thankful people are now paying attention to them.

“It’s taken a lot of hard work and hungry days to get it to the point where people understand how much fun we are having out here!” said one of the children over the phone because like many other outlets across the country, The Advocate can’t get a visa to travel to Nauru.

“We just want to thank Mr Tony Abbott for spreading the word about how pleasant this island really is. We aren’t doing all of these things because we want to have a life like normal children,” the child said.

This comes after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said yesterday that Nauru is “a very, very pleasant island,” on 2GB.

“Nauru is no hell-hole by any means. I’ve been there,” Mr Abbott told the station.

Abbott explained to the public who are for some reason kicking up a fuss about some young family’s getting an Australian funded holiday in a tropical paradise, that the whole thing is being blown out of proportion.

He told The Advocate today, that if he was to ever move he would be packing up and heading for the island of Nauru.

“Forget to Hotel California, Nauru is such a lovely place. I’m just glad people are finally giving what these kids say some merit,” he said.




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