A recently retired mum has decided to pick up a gardening hobby, which she reserves solely for late Sunday afternoons, it’s reported.

It’s alleged Linda Templeman handed in her teaching job two months ago and had momentarily enjoyed the relaxed schedule, but was now having trouble finding things to do.

Considering her husband spent most of his time either getting on the piss or attempting half-assed renovations, Linda figured it was time to put down the romance novels and try some physical activities of her own – which has so far involved making dolls, getting really into Laura Ashley and doing minimal garden work.

Of course, the best thing about being retired and having a surplus of money for activities means that you have the freedom to pick up and discard as many hobbies as you’d like, without the pressure of actually doing a good job.

For Linda, her back room filled with various clothes, sewing needles and paint swatches serves as a hobby graveyard, which will no doubt flow into hoarding territory the more she gets influenced by the lifestyle channel.

At least with gardening, Linda can find some solace in knowing only a little bit of effort can go a long way and that she doesn’t have to be an experienced green thumb to keep her geraniums happy.

Taking off her gardening gloves and surveying her small garden bed, Linda decides her twenty minutes of weeding warrants a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a sit in the lawn chair, where she can admire her handiwork or look forlornly out into the distance.

More to come.


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