A reasonably reserved young man at a firm in Betoota’s Old City District has shown his true colours today.

Grahame Hills had previsouly been looked upon as the run of the mill office man with the normal sorts of hobbies that run of the mill office men have.

However, after a couple of beers this afternoon, with the silly season in full swing, the accountant from the Heights district, let slip.

Enjoying a couple of looseners with some colleagues from the work, ‘the quiet guy,’ let a ‘bra’ slip during conversation.

“Oi Bra, can you get us a Betoota Bitter instead of a XXXX,” the man jovially barked out at one of his fellow office workers.

Although the mood was ripping and the ambient music in the place was reasonably loud, the young mans words were not lost on the other drinkers.

“Fark, did you hear that,” asked one of his colleagues when Hills went to the toilet.

“Dropped ‘Bra,” there,” the man laughed.

“Maybe he isn’t just a carbon copy accounant. There must be a different side to him we don’t know,” laughed another colleague.

“Let’s get another couple of beers into him and see if he has an interest in MMA, German Trance, and Nangs,” laughed another.

More to come.



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