In what may come as a shock to the untrained eye, local publican and pokie farmer Bill ‘Snowy’ Simpson isn’t actually that interested in Asian culture.

The revelations come as quite a contrast to the fact the fact the pub he owns in Betoota’s Old City District is adorned with plenty of Eastern-looking decorations – such as Chinese lanterns, fibreglass terracotta warriors, and lots of ceramic cats.

As well as a vast array of 5 Dragons, Lucky 88 and other ‘oriental themed’ poker machines.

The 42-year-old heir apparent to the Simpson Hotel chain in the Channel Country explained to The Advocate that he just thinks those types of decorations look nice, and pair well with the menu.

When asked what the fuck his faux Chinese decor has to do with his menu of mostly high salt counter meals like chicken shnittys and steak sandwiches, Snowy says we missed one crucial item.

“Ummm.. Ever heard of spring rolls?” he asks.

“Actually, your’e right. They aren’t on the menu”

“We just give them out for free if someone has put in a good innings on the brickies laptop” he explained over a schooner of full strength coke this afternoon.

“But yeah, it’s more of a decorative thing than anything else.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I like a holiday in Pattaya or Bali as much as the next bloke, but I’m not in love with the culture or anything.”

“I just think it looks good”

“Especially in a dark room full off steel brumbies”


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