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Personal Trainer Sebastian Grover has heard it all when it comes to clients complaining about exercise.

However, as he’s basically a paid cheerleader, each time he hears a complaint he swallows his dignity and laughs like it’s the first time he’s ever heard it.

“Haha, come on Michelle, you’ve got this.”

“Ugh, no I don’t! Why do people choose to do this? This is torture,” said Michelle, one of the women taking Sebastian’s morning HIIT class.

“If I do one more burpee I think I’ll have a heart attack.”

“Come on ladies! Complaints aren’t going to get you a six-pack [haha].”

It’s one woman’s next attempt at original humour that forced Sebastian to summon all his energy and force a laugh from his lips.

“The only six-pack I want is a cold one!” said Rachel, the jokester.

“HA HA HA HA, RACH! YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! A cold six pack! I’ll shout you a six pack for that one, oh man, you’re funny, I like you.”

Sebastian’s exaggerated praise worked, with Rachel getting back into her workout with an extra spring in her jump squat.

The Advocate caught up with Sebastian after the class to see why he continues to fake laugh through whinging and complaining that he’s heard a hundred times before.

“Ah bro, you’ve just got to, comes with the territory.”

“You gotta make your clients feel like they’re special and doing a good job so they keep coming back.”

“If I didn’t fake laugh they’d realise that we’re not doing that much in class – just gotta do it, bro!”


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