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A local government worker planning on leaking classified information to the media has picked up a will kit from a French Quarter newsagency ahead of her pressing ‘send’.

Dorothy Johan of Betoota Heights has been working at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) for a number of years now and she’s noticed a disturbing trend recently that she feels everybody has a right to know about.

After fighting an internal battle between doing what’s best for her and what’s best for the nation, the 25-year-old ultimately decided on leaking the information but before she did, the noisy Leo decided to get her affairs in order.

“I’ll probably get Novichok’d by the Home Affairs department over this,” she sighed.

“Or worse, they’ll put me in prison for the rest of my life. I’d rather just cop the spray in the face and get it over with. Either way, I need to write a will because where I’m going, I won’t need anything,”

“So, I’m leaving the contents of my bank accounts to my sister, Rosie. My 2002 Subaru Forrester and the half-pack of John Player Specials in the glovebox to my Dad. The car is basically his anyway, he paid for it. All my clothes and shoes are going to Mum. All the furniture in my share house that I own can stay with my housemates. That’s about it, I guess.”

Do you know more?

The Betoota Advocate encourages whistleblowers and others with access to information they believe should be revealed for the public good, to contact us. To leak a story, please send us an email. Alternatively, send all physical correspondence to our New Zealand Bureau at the University of Otago. You can remain anonymous if you so wish.

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