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The economy looks like a gutshot possum and the government needs to do something quick to prevent future generations from living in eternal austerity.

That’s the message from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg this morning as he unveiled the biggest budget deficit since World War II.

In order to stimulate the economy in the fasted possible way, Frydenberg released details of the government’s latest Jobs-related scheme.

“It’s called JobsForTheBoys and it’s a scheme that will inject billions of dollars into male-dominated work sectors like construction, mining and defence,”

“Putting money into those sectors will get cash into the economy very quickly. If we did the same to female-dominated sectors like early childhood education and fashion – or some shit like that – it’d take much longer for us to see the effects of that stimulation,”

“We’re also giving more money to Fox Sports because yeah the fucken boys.”

More to come.


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