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This is not a drill!

The gateway to the New South Wales snowfields is set to become a sporting mecca from next year after the Prime Minister announced this morning that Cooma is getting it’s very own 40000 person stadium.

Scott Morrison made the announcement this morning in Canberra where he also shook off suggestions that the Liberal Party was pork-barrelling the Eden-Monaro electorate before this weekend’s by-election.

“That’s ridiculous and I take offence to that,” said Morrison.

“Cooma has been crying out for a new stadium for decades and this announcement would’ve been made even if the great Mike Kelly hadn’t been forced to stand down,”

“See, I think Mike is a good bloke, even when he’s a dyed in the wool Labor man. That makes me, in turn, a good bloke. No this is simply a [sic] announcement that will create regional jobs and enrich a community,”

“No doubt the ABC will say otherwise.”

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese lead calls to suggest this was pork-barrelling but agreed that Cooma did need a new stadium.

The Emperor Of Henson Park said he thought building a stadium with a 40000 person capacity in a town under 20% of that number is ridiculous.

“Cooma needs a stadium, perhaps one of about 20000 person capacity. Labor is committed to building one of that more-sane size,”

“This is typical of Scott Morrison and his government. Promise big and deliver small. At least with Labor, we won’t piss in your pocket as much.”

More to come.


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