Channel 10 is currently at panic stations this afternoon, after hitting a major hurdle before tonight’s premiere of The Masked Singer.

The popular TV show features masked celebrities performing, whilst a panel tries to guess who it is performing.

However, amidst the current climate, the producers of the TV show are desperately trying to figure out how legal it is to force these celebrities to wear a mask.

“The issue of the 1948 Charter Of Human Rights has just come up,” explained the frantic Executive Producer.

“And now we are concerned we might be discriminating against our performers as men and women, which it is illegal to do, according to Facebook conspiracy groups.”

The 1948 Charter Of Human Rights rose to prominence a couple of weeks ago after a Karen at Bunnings caused a stir for arguing with staff about not wearing a mask.

“We are supposed to be going live tonight, and now we have a complicated legal argument on our hands about-face coverings,” continued the Executive Producer.

“This is fucked,” he said.

“I need a junior producer to yell at and belittle to make myself feel better about this fuck up.”

He then stormed off and ordered the team to begin frantically researching on Facebook, their legal position in regards to The Charter.

More to come.


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