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While there has been a lot of resistance towards driverless cars from old school players in the automotive industry and the general negs of society, one forward-thinking company is heavily investing in owning driverless car entertainment.

The Advocate can exclusively reveal that PornHub Australia has negotiated a deal with Tesla to be their sole provider of in-drive entertainment.

This is a huge win for PornHub and Betoota, considering it was the Betoota office who negotiated the deal.

“It just seemed like such a no-brainer,” says Dixie Normous, head of innovation at PornHub Australia.

“As most people who have to leave Betoota know, the journey from Betoota to anywhere is a long, long way”

“Everyone entertains themselves differently; some like podcasts, audiobooks, eye spy, but our audience love a road wank”

“A road wank is risky in a traditional car, but in a driverless car? You can have both hands off the wheel and it’s fine!”

According to research, 1 in 4 people enjoys road wanking and will try to wank on any journey over 3.5 hours.

While this research is from Betoota only, it’s safe to assume that these statistics apply to Australia as a whole.


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