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In the days since a tragic incident in Melbourne sparked a national debate over the safety of women in our country, police and government officials around the country have announced immediate action plans for protecting their testosterone-impaired citizens.

Following their comments urging women to take responsibility of their own safety in suburbs with median house prices of 1.2 million dollars, Victorian police have now changed their approach.

Instead, they’ve decided to take that responsibility upon themselves, by asking web-mapping navigation giant Google Maps to remove the ‘walking’ option from their service.

“We feel, that while women may be getting the hint that it is entirely up to them to prevent themselves from being hurt or killed by predators, it’s better to limit their dangerous behaviour altogether” said  Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton

“We worry that some women are still going to take chances and use their legs as a form of transport option”

Google have been asked to update their Maps, and their privacy policy, by removing the ‘walking’ feature from their navigation choices for female users.

“It’s just a good way to keep them indoors after dark, and away from caucasian middle class men between the ages of 18-60”

Ashton says the next step is to find a way for citizens to see through walls, in an attempt to identify and report the astronomical rates of violence against females by men known to them inside their homes – a nationwide crisis that has killed over 200 more people than terrorism in the last four years.


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