As another day dawns, the Head of Marketing in Australia is still singing the same song.

A week after Brittany Higgins came forward, Scott Morrison has today fronted up to once again claim he knew nothing about the sexual assault that was committed by one of his employees, in his building.

Despite the fact he gets multiple daily briefings about all manner of things every single day, the Prime Minister is still maintaining that he knew absolutely nothing about the sexual assault and the way it was handled until last week – when it went public in the media.

His assurances that he didn’t turn a blind eye to criminal behaviour in his office come in contrast to the fact his Private Secretary Yaron Finkelstein reached out to the young woman in the wake of the 4 Corners story exposing some of the improper conduct that goes on in Federal Politics.

The also come in odds with the fact that other people in the Prime Minister’s office were aware of a ‘security breach’ at the time, which saw a ‘rising star’ sacked but the young woman keep her job, as she claims under the implication that she swept the incident under the carpet.

But the Prime Minister says he knew nothing, despite the fact that two of his Ministers in Michaelia Cash and Linda Reynolds were aware of the incident, as well people in his office and the rest of the party.

“We talk about all sorts of things, from internal politics, to policy, to marketing, to day-to-day affairs, but you have to believe me that this potential criminal matter that my private secretary made an effort to cover up never came up in conversation around me.”

“I wish it did, because I genuinely would have done something.”

“I wouldn’t have just ignored it until it became a ‘scandal’ for me”

“Not happy with all of my staff, let me tell you.”


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