Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has today continued in his ‘herculean’ effort to provide the Federal support to bushfire recovery efforts that he should have provided around the time he went to Hawaii before Christmas.

This comes as close to 4000 homes have been lost and nearly a billion native animals perished in the climate-change-aided bushfire season that started in September last year.

29 people have tragically died in the fires that continue to ravage five states, including 4 firefighters – despite the highly commendable rescue efforts by emergency services staff and volunteers.

Right across the country, tourists and locals have been evacuated from fire grounds by land and sea, with the RFS website and public broadcaster providing those affected with round-the-clock bushfire updates on the bushfires.

The laudable efforts of ABC radio to help bring citizens to safety has been praised by fire chiefs and politicians alike, with the Federal Minister for Disasters and Emergency Management David Littleproud MP describing the journalists on the ground as ‘lifesavers’.

However, their crucial work in saving Australians for months on end has thrown a spanner in the works for the Liberal Party and their efforts to silence any form of criticism of the government.

The 2018 Liberal Party vote to privatise the ABC was backed by at least four of the party’s top federal officials and gained support from at least one federal Liberal MP.

Liberal members applauded the result at a federal council meeting just over 18 months ago, with a final vote that showed at least 39 council delegates voting in favour of the sale while 10 delegates voted against.

“Obviously I can’t go selling it off right now,” explained Scotty from marketing today.

“But don’t worry, as soon as the fires which have raged for the better part of 3 months calm down a little bit and they latte-sipping lefties push the button on Q & A for a year, we’ll be going straight to market.”

“We’ll see how many opinion pieces ABC online will write about climate change then.”


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