The Prime Minister has finally outlined somewhat of a road map for how his government plans to achieve its climate obligations.

Speaking from Canberra this afternoon, Scott Morrison said the government would be investing 20 billion dollars in the clean energy sector between now and 2030.

Just days before he heads off to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow where he will pander to other world leaders and beg them not to humiliate him publicly, Scotty said he will give a submarine or two worth of cash to help the bush.

His comments come a couple of months after the government committed Australia to some nuclear-powered submarines, that are expected to cost more than the original French contract, forecast at roughly 90 billion dollars.

“Look, having an extra couple of submarines to protect us from China is more of a priority than using government funding to develop and grow the clean energy sector to future proof our regional economy going forward,” Morrison said.

“But 20 billion dollars isn’t chump change”

“That’s two or 3 fancy submarines”

“Hey, it’s roughly a couple of hundred times how much we spent on buying water licenses back from a company the Energy Minister Angus Taylor set up – so not bad!”

“Besides, you know we only need to pay lip service to helping the regions. 20 billion dollars for the bush, that’s all anyone needs to know,” said the man who is pretending as though most of the money won’t go to help big companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, and Fortescue cash in on the impending clean energy boom.

Vaguely mentioning things like ‘carbon sequestering’ and ‘green steel’ the PM then quickly wrapped things up without providing any more detail as to how it will actually help communities ensure their livelihoods going forward.

More to come.


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