A Betoota Heights homeowner has had a rather sour end to the week this afternoon, after having to stay back an extra quarter of an hour at work.

The horrifying circumstances came about after Ben Nicholson forgot to move his car after lunch, copping a 200 dollar revenue raising ticket from Betoota Municipal Council.

“200 bucks mate! I’d almost have been better off parking in the Wilson car park for half a day,” said the furious pipe runner this afternoon.

“200 hundred bucks. That’s nearly 15 minutes of overtime!” he explained.

“I’d be staring at the bottom of my first schooner of Espresso Martini if that hadn’t happened.”

While the staying back was annoying enough, Nicholson said that after failing to catch the council ranger in the act and giving the apprentice his monthly 10-minute early knockoff, he had nobody to let his anger out on.

“The electricians just told me to jog on when I made a passing comment about all the shit they’d left on site,” he explained.

“The labour-hire labourer who is hanging around on 40 bucks an hour even told me to get fucked when I tried to give him a hard time.”

“Fucking parking rangers”

“I know everyone’s gotta do their job, but no matter what walk of life you come from, everyone hates parking rangers.”

“Don’t get me started,” he said before launching into a rant about the ticket dispensers.


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