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The controversial lock-out laws in Sydney are being rolled back this evening to mild, abridged fanfare.

Denizens of the Harbour Capital will now be allowed to drink from glass past midnight from now on, prompting many to ditch their smoke masks they’ve all be wearing during the bushfires for something more protective.

Plastic anti-glassing masks have sold out all over Sydney as young people look to head out this Tuesday night and blackout drunk and fight their common man like they do in Europe.

One Betoota local-turned-Sydney-reveller spoke to The Advocate this evening about what the feeling is like on the ground down there.

“It’s incredible mate, the mood here is palpable,” said the mildly mannered engineer.

“I haven’t seen it like this since the last interest rate cut,” he laughed.

“Everyone’s kitted out in the new anti-glassing masks and ready to go.”

“I mean most places have been so hamstrung that they can’t afford to stay open late anyway, but there are hordes of people across the city looking forward to a late-night 9 dollar schooner in the CBD.”

The Betootan ex-pat told The Advocate that everyone is hoping that the rolling back of the lockout laws can take the Harbour City back past Canberra on the atmosphere rankings.

“Obviously not all of the boomers who bought in the inner city and expect peace and quiet, but the few remaining the residents of the city who enjoy doing something other than watching reality TV and eating a home-cooked meal every night.”


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