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Pauline Hanson has continued to stir the pot today, releasing a statement raising her concerns around the Darwin bombings during the Second World War.

The Bombing of Darwin, also known as the Battle of Darwin, on 19 February 1942 was the largest single attack ever mounted by a foreign power on Australia.

However, Hanson and her trusted confidant James Ashby have today raised doubt over whether the bombing ever actually occurred, insinuating that they believe that the whole thing may, in fact, have been a Government conspiracy job.

These comments come after Al Jazeera reporters released footage detailing Hanson raising doubts about whether the Port Arthur shooting actually occurred, with the former fish and chip shop owner from Ipswich implying that it may have been a government conspiracy to take away ‘the people’s guns.’

Speaking at a conference today where she refused to address the whole trying to get 20 million dollars of the NRA to corrupt Australian democracy thing, Hanson began ranting about Darwin being a setup.

“What’ll you actually find, if you go and do some actual research, instead of just regurgitating what the main stream media want you to regurgitate, is that the bombing of Darwin never happened,” she exlplained.

“The conventional thought is that the bombing was the largest attack on Australian soil, but you’ll find, only if you want to though, that it was all a Government con job.”

“Frank Hurley was a Hollywood mastermind who set up the whole thing perfectly, a few flares and some destroyed paddle pop stick buildings is all he needed.”

“The government did it because they wanted people to be scared so they could increase the power of the army and prevent the people from ever rebelling if they ever wake up to the shit they are being sold by the government and the lizard people media.”

Upon wrapping things up, Pauline asked Ashby to get her some water, but to make sure it wasn’t the chemical water, and we left the press conference.


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