A local Greek grandfather has proved his winter fashion credentials this morning, once again demonstrating that he’s the only person in Betoota that can pull off a track pant and ugg boot combo.

Standing ankle deep in a thick patch of herbs out the back of her home in Betoota’s flight district, The Advocate understands local Papou, George Comino (73), is rocking the socks off a cosy gardening outfit.

Dressed in a flannelette shirt, track pants and a pair of uggs boots purchased in 2003, it’s reported the local member of the Greek community is pulling off his own brand of winter chic this morning.

Speaking to next door neighbours​, Callum and Amelia Bolt, a pair of hipster gentrifiers who recently purchased the home next door with the help of their parents, it’s believed the sight of the local Papou has warmed their hearts as they spy him from their kitchen window.

“Oh isn’t he adorable,” said Callum, a PR marketer who recently bought a fixie to cycle into Betoota’s business district.

“Ever since moving in he’s been a little icy towards us, but we think that’s because us and our parents outbid his son at the recent auction.”

“But the other day he left a bowl of cherry tomatoes on our doorstep, so we think he may have been leaving a peace offering!”

Asked whether the couple had any plans to further bond with their new Greek neighbour, Amelia told The Advocate she was hoping to wow her neighbour with a homemade Italian pasta sauce. 

“I just want to impress him so I might try and make my Mum’s tomato passata and see if he’ll accept what I’ve done with his tomatoes!”

“In any luck, I can see he’s growing a few lettuces out the back there, we will know that he likes us when he throws one of those over the fence!”

More to come.


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