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Staring holes through his computer monitor at an uncivilised hour of night, a Canberra-based public servant revealed he was ‘jealous’ of his American counterparts who are still enjoying an extended break after Christmas.

Lyneham-local Dennis Watson, who does something for the government with a computer each day in return for hard currency, spoke briefly to The Advocate this afternoon about how hard done by he feels.

“We public servants live in hope that one day our government might shut down,” said the 28-year-old.

“I don’t even care if I don’t get paid that month. I can tell the bank what the go is and they’ll give me a financial hardship amnesty on my mortgage because Australia is not the third world dressed as the first,”

“Every night on the news, you see them just hanging out in parks yelling things. Looks glorious. Only downside is that it’s colder than Blayney over there now, it looks miserable. Anyway, we all have our dreams.”

Our reporter reached out to Mr Watson’s manager but only received an out-of-office autoreply stating they’ve be back after Invasion Day.

More to come.


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