Local unpaid seat-filling intern, Jessica Bardon (22) has today shown a little bit too much familiarity within the multinational media company she will never be hired by.

The media time check and data entry specialist has today shown just how little she cares about a career in this industry, after sending through a rather unprofessional email about an upcoming branding disruption event – a task that has kept her in the office until midnight for the past two weeks.

Her email is as follows:

“I have booked the portaloos and food truck to arrive at the edgy warehouse venue at 5:30 PM sharp in order to be ready in time for the 7pm soft opening for GENY INUSRANCE.

I understand some of you thought that it would be unnecessary to pay them for the hour and half it takes to set up, but I also remember that happening with the last event, and in turn having to explain to the client why there was no bathroom facilities available.

My supervisor Clara couldn’t find the company card at the time of booking, so I’ve had to put down deposits on my debit account. Is there someone I can talk to about how I can get paid back for this?

All in all, the entertainment and decorations are all organised and I hope to see some of you there. Very exciting.



While some members of staff seemed relieved that every single errand had been accounted for by the nameless intern, language used in the email seemed to rub some of her superiors the wrong way.

CFO, Rosie Alcott says she had no idea who Jessica was until she read that email, which had been forwarded to her by someone who was claiming to have completed all of those tasks himself.

“Cheers?” she says condescendingly.

“Is that what it’s come to? We aren’t working for Red Cross”

“She may as well have finished with hooroo. What was was her name again?”

At time of press, Jessica was seen alone in a freezing cold garage organising pull up banners for the event that no one will be going to because it’s a soft opening for an insurance company.


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