Optus CEO Allen Lew has assured FIFA World Cup fans that everything should be sweet, after he unplugged the network modem himself, and blew air into the outlet before reinserting the cord.

This comes as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been assured by the chief executive of Optus that the telco giant’s streaming issues of the World Cup will be fixed by Monday night.

“I have spoken with the Optus CEO, Allen Lew. He assures me he is giving the World Cup streaming problems his personal attention and he believes it will be fixed this evening,” Mr Turnbull tweeted.

Football fans across Australia say found themselves unable to watch matches from the world’s biggest sporting event as system crashes and playback errors affected the company’s mobile app and desktop site – after stupidly deciding to share the broadcast rights

However, Allen Lew – or as he calls himself ‘The Lewdog’ – says everything should be all good guys.

“I already told Turnbull this, but I’ve gone and fixed it myself. I even blew into the outlet like a Nintendo [haha]”

“Should be all sweet guys. But yeah, if there’s any more drama, I don’t know what else we can do. There isn’t very good internet in this country and Turnbull has a bit of a hide making this look like my fault”

“It’s hard to watch soccer on copper [haha]”

“But the dial tone works fine from what I can hear”



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