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The sad and tragic news surrounding the impending closure of national steak icon, Hog’s Breath, has moved Australia this afternoon with many taking to social media to express their anguish at the news.

As the nation’s only 4-Hog town, Betoota is expected to feel the closures the hardest out of any regional centre.

The steakhouses contribute hundreds of dollars to the local economy each year and employ scores of our town’s youngsters and hospitality industry veterens.

Never the less, one group of Australians who are noticeably absent from this national outpouring of grief are the smug and spoilt Millennials. In a local survey conducted late last year, it found that nearly 80% of Betoota’s population aged between 24-39 have never experienced good old fashioned Hogspitality.

That begs the question; Are Betoota’s Millennials killing our Hog’s Breath Cafes?

The Advocate spoke to a number of local youths about the presumed death of Hog’s Breath and how they felt about it.

One young man said he’d only ever been to a ‘Hoggies’ with his parents and family after his grandfather’s funeral.

He said he enjoyed the experience but would ultimately go to somewhere where you’d get more bang for your buck.

A Betoota Heights young woman said through pursed lips that she wasn’t aware that our town had four Hog’s Breath Cafes.

She then shrugged and kept walking on down Windorah Street without giving the chain a second thought.

Our reporters full investigation into the death of Hog’s Breath will be revealed in The Advocate‘s new investigative podcast series ‘Who Killed The Hog’ which is slated for release later this month.

More to come.


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