For many couples, a wine tasting is a relaxing chance to spend some quality time together.

For the Morgans, it’s war.

Phil and Belinda Morgan consider themselves to have quite the refined palate, so, they told reporters, there was no way they could sit idly by while the Wine Steward extolled the virtues of an inferior Pinot Noir.

“Look, we didn’t set out to make him cry,” Belinda Morgan told The Advocate.

“But considering what his horrid Pinot did to my mouth, I’d say he got off easy.”

This, it seems, isn’t the first time the Morgans have left a Sommelier in tears, nor will it be the last. The old couple seems to have made a habit of terrorizing the vineyards in their area by showing up with the sole purpose of savagely critiquing the wine. 

When they see them coming, several local tasting rooms close up immediately. 

“People have suggested that we enjoy vocally criticizing this place and the horse piss they bottle up and call wine,” Phil Morgan told The Advocate.

“And those people are right. It’s good fun.”


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