2020 is officially taking the piss, according to the long-suffering people of South Coast NSW.

“Oh come on, seriously?” says one local resident, Eden Milton (55), mirroring the sentiments of everyone in the exhausted stretch of New South Wales coastline.

“for fucks sake”

After a year of bushfires that had entire towns evacuated to the beach, COVID-19 clusters at weddings and high schools and nationwide lockdown that has all but destroyed the tourism industry, this nightmare of a year has decided to pepper a bit more strife and suffering on the region.

If the thousands of businesses and homes lost to the roaring blazes of the climate change-aided Black Summer weren’t enough, torrential rain over the weekend forced residents in low-lying NSW South Coast communities to evacuate their homes.

Up to 300 millimetres of rain fell in some areas at the weekend and while it eased this morning, swollen rivers continue to pose significant risks.

The NSW SES said it had received 1,600 calls for help since Friday evening, with about 700 coming out of the coastal towns south of the Gong.

To add some salt in the wounds, Southern NSW Local Health District has also confirmed three new coronavirus cases on the far South Coast as well. Authorities say one student from Batemans Bay Public School and two students from Batemans Bay High School have tested positive to the virus.

While the embattled local state member Andrew Constance continues to work his ring off to provide support to the disaster-riddled communities in his division, Prime Minister Morrison has been urged to stay the fuck away for now unless he wants the same treatment he got at Cobargo.



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