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Employees of Simon & Simons Law were expecting this week to be the usual soul crushing drudge, only to be bowled a wrong ‘un by office maniac Karen Peterson (49) who is demanding everyone take part in a Christmas in July Kris Kringle.

The idea was first suggested by Peterson on Monday during lunch and was met with everyone choosing to stare at their food instensley and one person murming ‘mmm.’

Unfortuntely for them, as a team coordinator, Peterson was able to organise such an event and sent an officewide email on Tuesday morning saying the idea had been approved by the managing director on the grounds that he have no part in it.

Paralegal Susan Lo (26) says this is exactly the sort of behaviour she expects from Peterson and speculates there may be ulterior motives behind the uncalled for exchange of “gifts.”

“Things are a bit tense around the office because Karen keeps introducing new policies,” stated Lo while shaking with fear.

“So she has decided that forcing us to spend our own money on a random person we see daily over mandatory after-hours drinks is the way to go.”

Becoming aware of the attention her compulsory fun was causing, Peterson took it one step further and implemented Christmas Jumper Dress Up theme with those not particpating to be reported to HR.

“It’s going to be so jolly!” beamed Peterson.

“I’m making a non-alcoholic eggnog and a Christmas playlist for us to dance to!”

One employee has stated that if he is given another copy of Karl Stefanovics cook book, Karl Cooks, he will leave the company immediately.

Unconfirmed rumours allege that Peterson has received herself as the person she must buy an anonymous gift for.

More to come.



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