With the biggest outbreak we’ve had in full swing, another one of the nation’s leaders has stepped up to the plate today.

Speaking to media in Sydney this morning, the Premier of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong (NSW) has revealed that anyone who doesn’t lodge a positive Rapid Antigen Tests will face a $1000 dollar fine.

That new rule has been brought in despite the fact the majority of the population can’t get their hands on a RAT for love or money, and the new feature in the Service NSW app is inevitably going to fry out every few hours.

The latest attempt to put the responsibility of our politicians back on ordinary people who continue to suffer as a result of their consistent and significant failures – will come into force next week.

There is a one-week grace period, with police asked to enforce the new rule that probably won’t apply to people in Bondi and its surrounds.

Explaining the reasoning behind the new rule that probably shouldn’t have been anything more than a throwaway thought bubble, Dominic Perrottet told The Advocate that the move will be crucial to stop the virus he’s lost control of.

“Don’t worry about the fact that people can’t even get the tests that have been a viable option globally for months and months, if they do somehow manage to get them and don’t report it immediately, we are asking police to burden them even more financially,” Perrottet said.

“And if you don’t speak English as a first language or aren’t across the news and technology, sorry, too bad.”

“People need to be held accountable,” continued the leader of a state who is currently dealing with food, testing and income shortages because they are ‘letting it rip.’

“Sorry, but that’s life.”


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