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Australia’s peak soccer body has lashed out at the New South Wales Police Force this afternoon, asking them if the A-league can afford to have fans removed from matches.

A number of A-league executives, all of whom asked to remain anonymous, spoke to The Advocate this afternoon about an incident over the weekend at a match down in Sydney.

A man and his disabled daughter were booted from the Dragons home ground because they used a more convenient bathroom.

As a result, up to ten policemen and two rent-a-cops surrounded the family and told them to get out.

“Do the police think we have too many people coming to these matches?” asked one board member.

“We’re almost as cooked as the Super Rugby. We can’t afford to have people kicked out. That bloke and his kid made up 2% of the crowd!”

“Over in the AFL, you’ve got tens of thousands of people turning up and half of them end up in a scrap. A scrap at the stadium to boot! And nothing. Tell you what, the madness has to end!”

The Advocate reached out to the NSW Police for comment but have yet to receive a reply other than a thinly-veiled threat to strip search us as soon as we cross the border next time.

More to come.


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