Night time revellers across the state of NSW have received some pleasing news today.

That news comes in the form of all variations of lockout laws, particularly the draconian ones in the harbour hell hole of Sydney, being dropped after the Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky burnt down overnight.

The tragic incident has saddened the people who like to break schooners over the back of people’s heads and take their shirts off to fight in the street, as the nation prepares to deal with an imminent shortage of Jim Beam.

However, for the rest of the Southern State who don’t enjoy alcohol-fuelled violence, the Kentucky blaze which caused 45,000 barrels of Bourbon to perish, has resulted in something to celebrate.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian confirmed this morning that it would be so, and the laws that quickly killed Sydney’s nightlife and significantly curbed it in other areas of the state would be relaxed for the next year or so.

“Just until the Jim Beam distillery gets back on its feet, so don’t go getting too excited,” laughed Berejiklian this morning.

“But yes, while the nation deals with a shortage of the fighting juice, you can have fun outside of the Star City Casino for a few months.”

The effect of the fire has been felt in other areas of the state and country too, with man fans of the iconic White Egg doomsday prepping and rushing into Bottle Shops to stock up.


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