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Some time this afternoon, a video emerged online showcasing one of the National Rugby League’s brightest young prospects engaging in a sex act.

The Advocate’s legal team have urged the sports reporters to air on the side of caution this afternoon as this type of scandal can often lead to some city-based lawyer having to grease up their wrists and write a few cease and desists.

However, the video is available online and on the dark web as well.

Nevertheless, the NRL’s Integrity Unit has told reporters a short time ago outside their headquarters in the nation’s most unliveable city that they’re quietly impressed that the players and their staff have lasted 11 days into this year without scandal.

Bernie Greenpole, a senior investigator with the unit, spoke candidly to the media about the lastest scandal shortly before 3pm this afternoon.

“Not a bad effort,” he said.

“A few more days and we would’ve been in rugby union territory. Even then, it wouldn’t be that bad. Just a Christian bloke telling folk on Instagram that he’s off the gays in a big way,”

“Instead, we have a bloke being filmed doing what a lot of young, virile Australians do whenever they have a dull minute among themselves. Soccer players often need less time than that! Anyway, we’re investigation said video now and we’ll let you know how it goes.”

More to come.


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