The NSW South Coast town of Nowra has been officially classified as the state’s second biggest city after city.

This comes after the coastal epicentre marks ten years three different McDonald’s franchises successfully operating within the city limits.

While the Hunter Region and The Illawarra Shire, have long been considered the fastest growing metros in New South Wales, both are yet to receive metropolis status – due to the fact that they still depend on family-owned fast food outlets like Darby Pies (Newcastle) and Chikos (Wollongong).

According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, having three different McDonalds has pushed Nowra into the top five biggest centres in the country. Edging out Adelaide.

“Three is a big number” said one researcher, Professor Wally Umboola.

“All they need now is a Hungry Jacks on the opposite side of the street from each outlet. That’s when you’ve made the big time”

However, despite the fanfare, locals put the town’s success down to the fact they are yet to be bypassed by the highway. Sighting the tragic loss of the Taree McDonalds in the state’s north coast as an example of why it’s important to have road-trains sitting lined up like a car park in the main street at all times.


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