Australia’s peak health body, The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says they are concerned that NSW is moving “too fast, too soon” after Premier Dominic Perrottet announced plans to accelerate the state’s lockdown exit.

However, Perrottet has proven he’s not afraid of making the big calls, less than 48 hours after becoming leader.

The changes mean several restrictions will be eased faster than was planned under the Gladys.

Namely, the amount of visitors allowed in homes will be doubled, funerals and weddings will be doubled – and travel outside of the regions will not be opened up.

As someone who has been vocal in his opposition to shutting down the economy without sufficient Federal stay-at-home-payments, Perrottet seems to have thrown caution to the wind in his efforts to free New South Wales residents – now that it’s become clear that the Prime Minister would prefer riots in the streets than to help working Australians put food on the table during this historic event.

However, even after setting the precedent that he does not give a fuck about opening up the state with 2.1 million of his constituents still yet to get both jabs – it seems that Perrottet’s idea of an economy is still one that goes to bed well before midnight.

In a press conference early today, the newly appointed NSW Premier made it clear that even though he’s willing to risk a major influx in hospitalisations due to the virus, he’s still terrified of the odds that surround that Sydney Morning Herald’s sensationalised ‘coward punch’.

When asked today if he’d ever consider allowing a nightlife that includes dance floors in Australia’s largest city, Perrottet simply laughed at journalists.

“Haha. Are you kidding? Now that’s just reckless”

“Kings Cross used to get 20,000 visitors a night… and those ‘dance floors’ used to be extremely violent”

“I know I look like a renegade when it comes to this virus… but I’m still very much of the Mike Baird brand of Liberal who would prefer live music and DJs be minimised if it means we can stop this extremely unfortunate phenomena known as ‘alcohol fuelled violence’.

“We had at least 5 admissions to St Vincents hospital each weekend… That’s only out of a couple million people who would visit these nightclubs”

“I’m not willing to take that risk.”

“And when you pair those terrifying statistics with the fact that we have an entire generation of voters whose nest eggs depend on their inner-city airbnb guests not having to put up with the sounds of guitars and laughter..”

“Haha.. I’m not an idiot. There’s plenty of time to play pokies between 10am and 9pm”

For any NSW Liberal Party staffers reading this, The Betoota Advocate would like to cordially invite Premier Dominic Perrottet to be next week’s guests on our weekly podcast that gets far more listeners than anyone at 2GB.


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