A 42 year-old single mother of two has today been politely told no can do, for the 6th time this month.

However, this time, it wasn’t by some smug fuck in a cheap suit at an exorbitantly price rental inspection, but by an online application for a firearms license.

“Yeah apparently standing up to the scourge of the upper-middle class fleeing the city isn’t a valid reason for holding a gun license,” sighed the part-time nurse at a Northern Rivers Hospital.

“I obviously don’t own livestock or anything like that, given I’ve rented for me and the kids for the last decade or so,” sighed the working-class woman who is being forced out of the regional town she grew up in to move further inland.

“So they wouldn’t give it to me, which is a familiar tale given the way the rental market has gone up here as part of how easy it is to make money off real estate if you have the initial capital to get rolling.”

“Obviously I don’t and I’m desperately trying to keep a roof over my kid’s heads and food in their bellies, so I can’t just save up a couple of hundred thousand for a house deposit in this town where people used to get punched in the back of the head a few years ago.”

“Anyway, it would have been nice to turn up to one of the auctions with my new toy, maybe just to scare the cashed up blow-ins leveraging high property prices to push people like me out of the market and turn it into their own, slightly cheaper version of the inner city enclave they came from.”

“But, as with the case for a lot of things in this country now, it’s not to be for someone like me,” said the woman being strangled out of the housing market by skyrocketing rental prices.

“I’ve bitten the bullet though and I’ve started looking at rentals a couple of hundred ks west of here where I’ll struggle to get work and end up needing welfare to survive.”

“Maybe someone out there has a gun for me.”


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