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The Australian Tax Office has revealed they’ve been trying to get ahold of a 24-year-old man who’s listed as the director of a marginally successful organic jam company as he hasn’t lodged a tax return for close to three years.

By his own admission, Gregory Bannerman, a former student-turned-youngtrepreneur, is in the tax office’s crosshairs not because of the amount of money going through his small business, but because of the success and publicity, it’s garnered.

“As soon as a kick a few goals, get my jams in the newspapers and on television, that’s when the tax man swoops. Typical,” said Bannerman.

“Like, where were they when I was just starting out? When I didn’t have any money or employees? And this is a cash-only business, so they can seriously like buzz off with their shit now. They can audit me if they want, they’re courts don’t have jurisdiction over me. Those office people are jealous that I’m my own boss.”

However, the ATO has hit back saying it’s got nothing to do with the success of the business or all the media attention Mr Bannerman’s organic jams have been getting.

It’s about the money.

“We want to speak with Greg because he hasn’t lodged a tax return for a number of years,” said a tax office spokesman.

“Yeah, so he hasn’t really paid any tax for the better part of half a decade, all the while he’s enjoyed the benefits of at the generosity of the taxpayer. I’m sorry, but this isn’t a Rudd money-for-nothing government, this isn’t money for jam. If you make money in this country, then you pay tax.”

“When we find Gregory, it’s either pay up or handcuffs.”

More to come.


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