In some exciting entertainment news this morning, Channel Nine have confirmed that the ratings monster Married At First Sight will be back next year – but not as we know it!

Refusing to rest on their laurels, the executives behind the show that is set to be charged with murder for the death of My Kitchen Rules have revealed that next year’s edition will be even more explosive.

“The greatest social experiment is about to get even greaterer (sic),” said a pumped up Executive Producer of the show today.

“We are rebranding next year as Cheating At First Chance.”

“CAFC obviously doesn’t have the same phonetic ring to it as MAFS, but it’s what’s inside that will keep the viewers coming back.”

“Everyone knows in this modern age that attention spans are very limited. If you are static you lose, so next year we are going all-in on the cheating storylines.”

This comes after the reality TV show enters it’s third or fourth year of running a cheating saga as it’s main plotline, in an effort to irresponsibly send some of the people with mental health issues into a breakdown for the ‘entertainment’ of the nation.

“It’s going to be great to no longer have to pretend like the cheating stuff is awful and we don’t condone it,” explained the EP.

“It makes the best TV”

“It’s going to be a free for all and it’s going to be better than ever!”

More to come.


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