Australia’s premier Northern Territory newspaper, the NT News, has today printed a front page begging Australians to not get caught up in the unhelpful fallacy of climate change denialism being peddled by their owners.

According to the newspaper most commonly known for stories about crocodiles in pools and poo-related headlines: “Every Australian – and millions around the world – have been touched by the unfolding bushfire crisis. … It is an ecological disaster of mammoth proportions and it will take months – even years – to rebuild parts of Australia that have been impacted”

The newspaper has also declared that they believe in climate change and that the current ecological disasters confirm that the science is now indisputable.

This rapid ideological u-turn on the science that has been presented to our politicians and media for well over two decades, has left many Australians confused.

Namely because this newspaper, and the 70% of the other media outlets in this country that are owned by Rupert Murdoch, are almost solely responsible for the culture of climate change-denialism and anti-expert sentiment amongst Australian voters and politicians.

Even more confusing, is the fact that the Federal Government that these media outlets got re-elected last year are still holding the line of not discussing the fact that the accelerated use of fossil fuels being burned into our atmosphere for 300 years might not be good for the planet.

Readers have likened the newspaper’s turn-around to James Murdoch’s turnaround.

Earlier this week, the heir-apparent of the News Corp empire broke ranks from his multi-billionaire New York-based families views on environmentalism by saying he thinks this whole bushfire season has been a bit how ya going and that maybe his family are you know a little bit responsible for assasinating the character of any politician who wants to possible disrupt the monopoly of the fossil fuels sector.

It is not yet known if the Murdoch Empire is now simply joining the growing list of banks and investment funds who are trying to appear like they are on the right side of history in the final days before rural Australia becomes unliveable due to erratic flood, drought and fires.


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