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Popular Christian children’s animated series, VeggieTales, is set to include the downfall of Cardinal Pell in their upcoming season in the US, complete with an important message to be on the look-out for inappropriate behaviour in the church.

The series is famous for telling stories from The Bible with vegetables starring as the protagonists. Popular tales such as ‘David and Goliath’ and ‘That Guy Making A Hallway In The Sea’ have been seen millions of times in over 100 counties around the world.

‘The Parable of Pell the Coward’ is slated to air later this year, with an executive producer of the show explaining to journalists this afternoon that he feels it’s an important story to tell.

“This type of conviction is unprecedented so we felt that we had to tell the story of it,” they said.

“‘The Parable of Pell the Coward’ teaches an important lesson to young people because it shows that justice and God’s truth will always prevail over evil,”

“And it also teaches children that there’s no honour in denying the truth, because that makes you a coward – and cowards will never be fit to join the righteous and brave in heaven for all eternity.”

The Advocate has reached out to the Catholic Church for comment but have yet to receive a reply – but we understand their inbox is quite full at the moment.

More to come.


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