Australia’s cranky senior pensioners have today been inspired to tear strips off the Prime Minister, after seeing one of their own do just that overnight.

Scotty From Marketing was given an absolute rinsing down by an angry old codger during a visit to a pub in regional New South Wales on Wednesday.

The elderly Newcastle man drilled the PM at length about the complexity of welfare services for pensioners and his government’s failure to legislate a federal integrity commission.

Throughout the exchange it became clear that this old man had been caught up in the intentionally complicated web of phone menus and ever-shifting government criteria for both disability and aged pensioners in this country.

With an enormous media scrum in tow, Wednesday night’s incident at Newy’s Edgeworth Tavern is the last thing Scott Morrison needs on cameras on the even of a Federal Election campaign.

While the now viral footage pinballs around social media and every news network except Sky, this kind of public dissidence has been proven to result in copycat cases.

Sitting around at table at the Lord Kidman Hotel in Betoota’s Old City district, are three very hopeful copycates.

Ken, Ambrose and Cyril (82, 83, 83) are three of the Diamantina Shire’s most excitable swing voters – and with all three of them at that age where they are growing terrified of ending up in one of those aged care concentration camps they see on 60 Minutes.

The retired railway workers turned full time yarn-spinners have spent the last three hours openly fantasising about what they’d say to that fucken goose if he ever worked into their pub.

“I’ll ask him why my grandkids work 10 hours a day and have to listen to their housemates fucking at 32 years of age” says Ken.

“Is that right?” aks Ambrose.

“I’ll ask him why online girlfriend in Kazakhstan got her jabs two months before I did”

Cyril said he’d simply ask him why the fuck he supported such a gutless rugby league club.

The Embattled Prime Minister has since shrugged off last night’s incident at the Edgeworth Tavern, insisting that he enjoyed hearing from people in the community.

This flippant comment has inspired both Ken, Ambrose and Cyril to think of something to say that the Prime Minister really wouldn’t like hearing.


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