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QANTAS, the country’s most well-regarded airline has suffered a direct hit this morning after they announced they were banning Senator Fraser Anning from their Chairman’s Lounge.

Following the former One Nation Senator’s appalling comments in the wake of the Christchurch attacks, the airline decided to revoke Fraser Anning’s access to the prestigious lounge, a move which has sent the nations’ dirt bikes into a sputtering rage.

“Congratulations QANTAS, you’ve lost me,” said a local Yamaha WR250 to our reporters as if it was speaking to the tax dodging airline themselves.

“I will never be flying with QANTAS again,” blared the visibly angry motorbike which has never travelled on anything other than the back of a ute or in a trailer.

“National airline? More like a national disgrace,” blasted the bike kicking dirt up into The Advocate’s face.

“Fraser Anning is just about the only politician in this country who actually says what the silent majority of people think.”

“He’s a true blue honest Australian,” the bike then said about the Senator whose been dogwhistling harder then we’ve ever seen before in a desperate attempt to hold onto his senate seat and lavish taxpayer funded lifestyle.

“The country that I know and love is disappearing right before my eyes,” said the 2013 model Japanese manufactured bike before speeding off the dirt road to do a few noisy laps of the main streets of town.


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