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The people of Australia say they’re waiting with a sort of sick, grotesque interest this morning for Rupert Murdoch’s next move.

In this final week of campaigning, Opposition leader Bradbury Shorten’s Labor Party is still two points clear of the Nightwatchman’s Coalition – and that has Murdoch’s NewsCorp empire looking to even things out.

A number of local Betootanese people have shared their thoughts with The Advocate today on Murdoch’s next move, some even taking the time to predict what Rupert is going to do next.

“I reckon it’ll be something about him killing a whole bag of kittens or a litter of pups,” said Derek Ferguson of the French Quarter.

“Not recently but when he was at university or at the flash private school he went to. People change, I know I’ve changed since I was at high school. God, back then I would happily lashed a bag of cats against a gum tree over and over again. Not now, obviously.”

Francine Taylor, of Betoota Heights, is under the impression the big story on Shorten this week will be someone on his well-known sexual attraction to Melbourne’s Palais Theatre.

“Everybody knows about it,” she told our reporters.

“There’s nothing wrong with being turned on by Art Deco. It’s arguably the hottest architecture trend in history. All those sharp lines, square shapes and the rigidity of the whole thing!”

“But you, know, that’s not really acceptable to people on the right-leaning side of government. I bet there’s lots of people up in Toorak who have attractions and urges to buildings but can’t bring themselves to be true to themselves,”

“I’m glad Bill can.”

However, one local just shrugged and said only time will tell.

Sentiments echoed by The Advocate and our editorial staff.

More to come.


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