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A week after claiming China would interfere in the upcoming federal election, many Aussies are not sure if Karen Andrews is the Home Affairs minister or a new nickname for Dan Andrews.

Last week Karen Andrews made headlines for claiming China would interfere in the Australian election as if to conjure a Trump-like distrust in the election results, forgetting that those bat shit types vote for One Nation or Clive Palmer these days.

However, after two major lockdowns and a half decade of negative press coverage, many Australians assumed Karen Andrews was a biting nickname for Victorian Premier Dan Andrews aka. Dictator Dan aka. Warden Andrews aka Teflon the Chef.

“I assumed that’s what the Libs were calling him after he pointed out the lack of federal spending in Victoria,” stated one voter.

“Like, if he asked to speak to the manager of the budget or something and they all started calling him Karen Andrews. Is that not what happened?”

Known as one of the bittersweet memes of the pandemic, Karen is a term for a usually white and predominantly middle aged woman who is unnecessarily rude to minimum wage workers, often filming the incidents on their phone. 

While we are still cannot confirm Karen Andrews is not Dan’s new nickname, we can confirm blaming China for something that you cannot prove and could literally handle via the federal police force you are responsible for is a very Karen thing to do.

“How could Dandrews be a Karen? He spent so much time trying to tell people to put their masks on!”



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