As the climate-change-aided bushfires that started in September continue to fuck our continent from top to bottom, things have escalated to a new level today.

The estimated one billion native animals that have perished since late 2019 is a number that increasingly concerned ecologists are not ready to sign off on – as rural communities continues to struggle with the environmental catastrophe that comes with our country’s manmade changes in climate.

Victoria’s Gippsland region is reportedly now struggling with the the heartbreak of watching their remaining wildlife now being stuck and starving in the ashy mud leftover from a month of firestorms and torrential rain.

As of this afternoon our capital city airport has been evacuated due to the bushfires blazing on it’s fence line, after burning their way through suburban Canberra.

Helicopters are now circling the Snowy Monaro region after contact was lost with a Large Air Tanker which was working on bushfires in the area, with emergency crew fearing it may have crashed.

Only days after torrential hailstones destroyed cars and outbuildings right across the Canbeera the city is again blanketed in smoke as record-high temperatures continue to aid the bushfire season in Central West NSW and the ACT.

The non-stop tragedy and heartbreak that seems to have almost immediately followed the election of Scott Morrison has left Australians begging the question.

“How close are you with this God of yours?”

While Pentecostal Christianity is known for viewing science as human arrogance and harbouring a nihilistic view towards ‘the rapture’ – Australia is starting to worry that all of the thoughts and prayers our Prime Minister offered during this bushfire season didn’t even make it to the big man upstairs.

While Morrison is yet to comment publicly on his chosen rock music brand of Frank Houston-apologism – unless he is on stage after an election win talking about miracles – it seems the rest of his party are starting to ask similar questions.

With new anti-spills laws implemented to limit the amount of revolving door leader in the Liberal Party, two thirds of the party room is now required to vote against the Prime Minister for them to get ousted.

With now only half the party room, and the powerless NSW Liberal Government calling for his head, all Scotty From Marketing can do is thank God he brought in those new rules.

“I have always believed in miracles!” said Scotty, in a Facebook live video moments ago.

“How good’s new anti-spills laws”


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