Australia is this weekend grappling with the fall out from a shocking incident during a local sporting derby.

With Melbourne Victory facing off against Melbourne City yesterday evening in a prime time Saturday evening battle, news alerts and message rang out across the nation with people taken aback by some groundbreaking news.

People from Byron Bay to wherever the furthest point west on Western Australia is, were reportedly shocked to learn that the A-League actually has a few fans.

This news came in the form of a pitch invasion, which reminded plenty of people about why they have always been suspicious of soccer fans.

The invasion caused players to be rushed off the pitch after Melbourne City goalkeeper Tom Glover was left bloodied from what appeared to be a metal bucked hitting his head.

After a hitting a few forums and group chats, The Advocate was able to find the a rare local fan who explained the pitch invasion was caused by the A-League’s decision to hold all grand finals in Sydney for the next three years.

Normally Grand Finals are hosted by the highest placed finisher in the regular season, and the move angered plenty of fans who already hated Sydney enough.

Regardless of the motives, the invasion has left the nation grappling with the reality that there might actually be a few people that turn up to A-League games.

“I had no idea,” explained one punter at the front bar of fabled Betoota Old City District institution, the Lord Kidman Hotel.

“What’s next, you’re gonna tell me they go to Waratahs games as well?”

“Then I’d know for sure we are all living in a simulation haha”

Our reporter immediately left the conversation at that point.

More to come.


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