Australia was once a nation where people were judged only on their social status, gender and skin colour.

But now, it still is a place where that happens, but with the addition of also judging people based on what issues they choose to be outraged about.

In recent months, hot topics like climate change, protesting rights and corporate whistleblowing have done a brilliant job at getting people to express their anger in comment sections all over social media.

It is, for this reason, a growing number of Australians hark back to the days where the nation shared a united outrage over the recipe change of the popular savoury biscuit range, Shapes.

Produced by Arnott’s Biscuits Holdings, the popular snack underwent an across-the-board flavour change in 2016, leading to widespread backlash from Hobart to Cape York.

Ironically, the simple yet noticeable recipe change to the iconic range of biscuits attracted critics of all shapes and sizes.

“It was outrage you could see,” stated anger expert, Betoota Advocate Outrage Reporter Jamie Hottake.

“The total group of people upset by this was diverse enough to be a modern Disney remake.”

“People weren’t being divided by race or class or gender, they were divided by BBQ, Pizza and Cheese & Bacon.”

A representative from Arnott’s stated they did not intend to unite the nation out of anger and maintain the recipe change was based on consumer demands for a New Coke-esque experience.


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