As the Bubble of Bondi prepares for literally, the most inconvenient weekend ever, the nation has today asked if the area could be fenced off entirely.

The request comes after Bondi Beach was fenced off, to prevent mass gatherings, as seen last weekend when 20,000 morons decided it was a good idea to go and spread the coronavirus.

With Waverley being the largest contributor of Covid-19 cases of any Local Government Area in the country, and 10% of NSW’s cases, an urgent request has been put forward to extend the temp fencing all the way from Watsons Bay and Vaucluse in the north down to Clovelly or even Coogee.

“It’s just the best thing to do I think,” said one out of work bartender who had his place of employment shut down after Bondi’s actions last weekend.

“All those selfish dogs can be locked up together if they want to blatantly disregard the rest of society.”

“Honestly, at a time when the nation is making incredible sacrifices to ensure the survival of our most vulnerable, and these cashed-up nouveau riche fuckwits refuse to let anything affect their lifestyle I think it’s smart to fully enclose the Bondi Bubble.”

Waverley Council is yet to comment on the request.

More to come.


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