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Rue de Putain is notorious for it’s morning traffic and according to one local mother, motorists need to keep an eye out for pedestrians trying to cross the busy arterial road.

Betoota Heights woman Wendy Tong was almost knocked over by an overweight man in a British racing green Suzuki Mighty Boy this morning and she took to social media a short time later to vent her frustrations.

In the expletive-riddled spray, Tong threatened to vandalise the man’s car should she see it again.

Mrs Tong spoke briefly to our reporter this afternoon about the incident.

“I was just so angry,” she said.

“I’ve calmed down a bit now but jeez! I’ll still key that man’s mini ute if I see it. Honestly, that thigh-necked pig is cruising for a bruising!”

When Wendy showed our reporter what she’d left on the French Quarter Buy/Swap/Trade/Sell Facebook page and it only prompted one question.

“Oh, I censored the swear words because I didn’t want to get into trouble. You have to be careful what you put on the internet because it’s there forever. What happened if in ten years time something I said now comes back to bite me on the arse when I’m running for mayor?”

When our reporter said you’re allowed to swear on the internet, Mrs Tong said she’d probably still keep on adding asterixis to her F & Cs.

“It’s not very lady like to call someone a cunt, is it?” she said.

“Even if they did almost bowl you over.”

More to come.


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